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Screen Printing

Screen print Frame/Fabric

Screen printing frames come with 12xx multi-filament screen fabric attached. The fabric is cord-locked in grooves and can be easily tightened or removed.

10x14 $27.50 [Add to Cart]

12x16 $30.50 [Add to Cart]

Screen Printing

Fabric Squeegee

Fabric squeegee has a hard wood handle and a 70 durometer rubber blade with rounded edges to force the maximum amount of ink through the screen.

Squeegee 8" $12.99 [Add to Cart]

Squeegee 10" $14.99 [Add to Cart]


Screen Printing

Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit

An excellent kit for use in high quality screen printing, This new photo emulsion kit contains a 7oz jar of Diazo Photo Emulsion, a 1oz bottle of Diazo sensitizer, a 7oz jar of Photo Emulsion Remover and complete instructions.

$27.95 [Add to Cart]