Hexagons are all the rage, and we've put together a number of items for you that feature this fun shape. From English paper-piecing packets, to precut squares,to hexagon patterns & books, it's all right here!

We also have a paper-piecing tutorial on our blog!

Colors are representational and will vary from monitor to monitor.


paper pieces

Paper Pieces
Precut hexagon shapes for English Paper Piecing.
Available in the following sizes:
(measurement is along one side of the hexagon, not the diameter)

1/4" (100pcs): $5.60
3/8" (100pcs): $5.60
3/4" (100 pcs): $5.60
7/8" (100pcs): $5.60
1" (50 pcs): $5.60
1 1/4" (50 pcs): $5.60
1 1/2" (50pcs): $5.60
2" (50 pcs): $5.60
2 1/2" (50 pcs): $7.00


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peicemaker embroidery needles

Embroidery Needles

Size 8
16 Needles/pack

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Sewline Fabric Glue Pen
A quick, convenient, effective way to hold fabrics for sewing. Easier than pins. Dries clear, water soluble.

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