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book Inspired to design

Inspired to Design
by Elizabeth Barton

110 pages, color, softcover, from C&T
Hands on exercises guide you step by step through the design Process. Includes in depth sections on composing a design, working with color and value, and much more. Exciting,accessible method turns quilters ar any level into better quilt designers

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Book Create your Own Hand printed Cloth

Create your own Hand Printed Cloth
by Rayna Gillman

94 pages, color, softcover, from C&T
Fun, Foolproof ways. To create your own one of a kind fabric. Techniques for creating one of a kink cloth for quilts or wearable's. Produce fascinating effects with objects you find at home or in the hardware store. Print original fabric with no rules, no limits!

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radiant landscapes book by gloria loughman

Radiant Landscapes
by Gloria Loughman

128 pages, paperback, color,
from C&T Publishing

Transform Tiled Colors & Textures into Dramatic Quilts! Get stunning results with Gloria's mosaic tile process for capturing the essence of natural light with your fabric selection. Add dramatic depth to your landscape applique quilt by reviewing basic design principles and explorins a variety of stitching, dyeing, and painting techniques. Includes 4 new projects from the best selling author of Luminous Landscapes and Quilted Symphony.

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Joen Wolfrom Color Play 2nd edition

Color Play 2nd Edition
by Joan Wolfrom

142 pages, color, softcover,
from C&T
New and Improved, the essential guide to the art of color. Reference; includes swatches of tints, shades, and tones for all 24 colors in the Ives Color Wheel. A spark for your imagination: Try out five different color schemes for each of the 24 colors.

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journey to inspired quilting book by Jean wells

Journey to Inspired Art Quilting
by Jean Wells

Softcover, 112 pages, color, from C&T Publishing.
Expand your creative horizons and embrace the process of developing your design skills using your own intuition. Jean provides you with more design guidelines and new exercises to hone your natural intuitive skills, then she encourages you to go out there and express yourself! Packed with inspiring quilt images, this book walks you through effective approaches to art quilting from journaling your ideas to unifying your design. Includes 9 classroom-tested assignments.

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intuitive color and design book by jean wells

Intuitive Color & Design
by Jean Wells

96 pages, color, from C&T Publishing.
Jean Wells gives you the assignment of your life: put away your ruler and use your inner vision to design and piece spectacular, free-form quilts you'd never have guessed you could create. You will never see quilting in the same way again.

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