~ Essential Quilting Notions ~


Our favorite "Must Have" items to make your quilting life easier!

led finger light with hook & loop fastener

Hook & Loop LED Finger Light

- Super bright white LED light.
- Hook & Loop strap easily adjusts
around fingers, pens, tools, etc.
- Batteries included.

$2.00 [Add to Cart]

needle Beetle needle threader

Needle Beetle Needle Threader

- Retractable needle threader wire.
- LED lights up when fully extended.
- Includes thread cutter and lanyard hole.
- Batteries included.

$4.50 [Add to Cart]

Galaxy Electric Seam Ripper

Electric Seam Ripper

It's the best seam ripper for taking out the seams of your paper piecing project. It's the fastest seam ripper you have ever used. You'll be buzzing right through that seam.
Package contains: Purple ripper, cleaning brush

$20.00 [Add to Cart]

Seam fix Seam Ripper

Seam-Fix is a seam ripper with an innovative plastic tip that grabs and removes thread.


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Desiqns to Share Mat Cleaner

Cutting Mat Cleaner

This cleaner removes fleece and flannel lint and abtting fibers from your cutting mat. Use a brush like stroke at an angled edge and it will pull the fibers from the crevasses of your cutting mat.

$6.00 [Add to Cart]

super slider

Supreme Slider

$34.00 [Add to Cart]

2" wide Elastic

2" Wide Knit Elastic

Make your own belts using this elastic. Great for waist bands on skirts. We have 2 Colors White and Black

White $.95 yd [Add to Cart]

Black $2.30 yd [Add to Cart]


applique pressing sheet

The Applique Pressing Sheet

This double-sided sheet is made from a ultra high temperature fabric and is coated with non-stick Polylon. The release-all sheet is guaranteed for 5 years. Fusible web fabrics such as Wonder Under, Aleen's, Heat-n-Bond, and Steam-a-Seam peel right off. Instructions for its multi-uses and a free appliqué pattern are included.

13" x 17": $16.00
18" x 20": $21.00
27" x 30": $47.00

$16.00 [Add to Cart]

desktop needle threader

Clover Desk Needle Threader

Thread your needles quickly and easily with the help of this handy tool! Works with a variety of oval eye needles from fine to thick: .51 - .89 mm. (Not for embroidery needles or needles with a circular eye.)

$15.50 [Add to Cart]

4 in 1 tool

4-In-1 Essential Tool

$19.95 [Add to Cart]

spacer gif

heat press batting together

HEAT Press Batting Together

Quilters! We don't have to sew the batting edges together anymore... we can fuse it! Developed to fuse batting together to fit a specific size, to enlarge or reinforce. HEAT Press Batting Together is 1 ½ inch cloth tape which will allow batting edges to be fused together with a soft fuse that stretches, eliminating the old pinning and stitching of extra batting pieces needed to fit a specific project. The product can be used on any batting fiber content. Also use it for patching and reinforcement for stretch fabric. 10 yard roll (enough for about 3 large quilts).

$8.00 [Add to Cart]

aunt becky's finger protector

Aunt Becky's Finger Protector

A marvelous protective device for your fingers under the quilt while hand quilting. It also aids in making smaller and more consistent stitches.
Distributed by Jannilou Creations.

Finger Protector: $5.00
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proportional scale

Proportional Scale

$7.00 [Add to Cart]

Artist's Color Wheel

Artist's Color Wheel
9 1/4" Diameter

Teaches color relationships by organizing colors in a circle so you can visualize how they relate to each other.

$7.25 [Add to Cart]


machine quilting gloves

Machine Quilting Grip Gloves

Lightweight cotton knit gloves with grippy dots on the palms and fingers--we love 'em!

$5.00 [Add to Cart]


Foundation Sheets
for Perfect Paper Piecing
by EQ Printables

Easy, tear-away material for foundation piecing The Foundation Sheets are non-woven, rayon/polyester blend that feeds easily through any inkjet printer. The material, perfect for foundation piecing, is easy to see through and sew on, won’t dull needles, and can be quickly torn away. Crazy-quilters and machine embroiders can use it as a permanent, stabilizing layer. Package includes: 25 foundation sheets (8½ x 11″) for inkjet printers...

$9.95 [Add to Cart]