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Items are listed in alphabetical order by the teacher's name.

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Quick MINI Curve Ruler

A Mini Version of the Original
The ruler comes with a free pattern called QCR Mini Runner (14" x 35"). The ruler is to be used with all Sew Kind of Wonderful MINI patterns. It is used to cut the curve shapes out and square the blocks up. Ruler is acrylic 5 " x 8 ".

$18.50 [Add to cart]

invisagrip non slip ruler backing

Omnigrid InvisiGrip

Removable/repositionable plastic cling film that sticks to the bottom of your rulers & templates to keep them from sliding. (12.5" x 1 yard - Trim to fit)

$8.50 [Add to Cart]


circle savvy ruler

Circle Savvy Ruler
#CGRSAV1 by Creative Grids

Optional for # 111,211 & 511
(Karla Alexander)

Cut circles, semi-circles, and quarter-circles from 3" to 15 1/2" and every 1/2" in between. Cut a freezer paper template to the finished size and then cut the fabric 1/2" larger to add the seam allowance. Or, if you prefer piecing curves, cut the background and the circles with the same ruler.

$36.50 [Add to Cart]

Download the Instructions






OmniGrid 6" Square Ruler
(Karla Alexander)
6" sq $11.50
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OmniGrid 9.5" Square Ruler
(Karla Alexander)
(Natalie Barnes)
(Sujata Shah)
(Jackie Erickson)
9.5" sq $18.00
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OmniGrip 6"x24" Ruler
(Karla Alexander)
(Tamra Dumolt)
6 x 24 Ruler $26.00
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OmniGrip 6"x12" Ruler
(Karla Alexander - need 2 if using this size)
(Maria Shell)
(Sujata Shah)
6 "x 12" Ruler $18.00
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OmniGrid 6.5"x24" Ruler

6.5 x 24 Ruler $25.00
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Creative Grids Triangle Squared Ruler 9 1/2"

(Natalie Barnes)

$ 20.50 [Add to Cart]


Creative Grids Perfect Rectangle Ruler 9 1/2"

(Natalie Barnes)

$ 18.50 [Add to Cart]




Clearview Triangle Ruler

Required for #s 521

(Tula Pink)

10 inch 60º Acrylic Ruler
Perfect for 60º shapes, added lines for 30º and 120º, One tool, Many sizes. Tumbling blocks seven sisters, Grandmother's flower garden can be made with this tool.

$29.95 [Add to Cart]


quilt in a day 6 1/2 triangle square up ruler

Quilt in a Day 6 1/2" Triangle
Square Up Ruler

Required for #s 110
(Sally Frey)

The 6 1/2 Triangle Square Up Ruler makes perfect half triangle squares and quarter triangle squares in sizes up to 6 1/2 inch.

$13.00 [Add to Cart]


Creative Grids Stripology Quilt Ruler

(Optional - Lawry Thorn)

  • This ruler makes cutting Fast and Easy, you can cut full width fabric and fat quarters into the most popular
    pre-cuts on the market - 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 inch strips; 5 and 10 inch squares. It comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions

$ 54.95 [Add to Cart]