Quilt, Bag, Purse, & Pillow Patterns by Valori Wells

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Animal friends pattern by valori wells

VWD Animal Friends Pattern
Ginger is 18", Leo is 14" tall
and Charlie is 6"
Children's Quilt is 32" x 45"

These fun stuffed animals were inspired by my daughter’s love for her stuffed "friends." They are easy to make and fun to embellish. The added yarn and embroidery make each friend unique. The friend can be embroidered onto fabric and put into the simple quilt for a perfect new baby gift. The quilt is a great way to play with quilting and embroidery designs.

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Bloom Quilt Pattern

VWD Bloom Quilt Pattern
65" x 65"

Dramatic, rich colors set the mood in this simple medallion design. Larger scale florals are mixed with geometric textures to create interest in each of the color rounds. Four-patches combined with five inch squares allow you to capture the intimate details in the fabrics----divine!

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carmen quilt pattern by valori wells

Carmen Quilt Pattern
Finished Size: 70" x 96"

Simple though it may be, this quilt finishes with a wow! Monochromatic hues of brown are brought to life with a pop of orange. Geometric and blooming botanical prints are mixed with a print that can read solid, giving this quilt its bold look. Whether you choose prints or solids these simple straight lines allow your fabric choices to sing.

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carry all tote and throw

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VWD Carry-All Tote & Throw Pattern
Tote - 16" x 22"
Adult Throw - 50 " x 62"
Baby Throw - 30" x 42"

The Carry-All tote has multiple uses: quilting project, overnight bag, baby tote for toys and diapers, or just a fun bag to take to the beach. The outside can be made with a single fabric or several fabrics can be pieced together to create an eclectic look. Ties at the side allow for expansion and easy access to the contents inside. The pattern comes complete with several inside pocket options. Also
included in the pattern are two log cabin-style throws, a baby throw and an adult lap-size throw.

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delila quilt pattern by valori wells

Delila Quilt Pattern
Finished Size 60” x 72"

A modern twist to a timeless favorite, the log cabin. This contemporary design allows you to set the mood of your entire quilt with three main fabrics: the center fabric features your theme print or colors, and the surrounding borders define that center fabric. This stunning quilt showcases large-scale prints at their best.

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gracie quilt pattern by valori wells

VWD Gracie Quilt Pattern
66" x 78"

Simple shapes and fun fabrics make "Gracie" an easy-to-stitch quilt. Two different arrangements of color and pattern make this a very versatile project. In Gracie’s Color Play (shown on back of pattern) the fabrics are arranged into color stories: brown, turquoise, and pink. The first version of Gracie (pattern front) is more of a theme print quilt. Once a theme print was chosen, textured monochromatic prints and solids were selected to go with the print. In the larger block sections there is a theme print, stripe and solids. In the smaller block rows the monochromatic prints and stripes were used.

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jewels for the home pillow pattern by valori wells

Jewels for the Home
11 Pillows in Assorted Sizes

"Pillows are like jewelry for the sofa." These simple stylish accents are the perfect solution to a quick and inexpensive home makeover with out
adding more stuff to a room. You can change a rooms color scheme, make them for a special occasion, personalize them, or give your room a seasonal facelift. Instructions include directions to recover the pillows on your couch, or purchase pillow forms by sizes listed.

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Knitting Caddy & Travel Sewing Kit Pattern

VWD Knitting Caddy
& Travel Sewing Kit Pattern

The Knitting Needle Caddy has pockets for circular needles as well as straight needles, and for patterns and findings. The inner “pages” are designed with slots for your needles. The Travel Sewing Kit is just that; a handy fold-up container for needles, pins, scissors, thread, and a tape measure. Both have a pieced decorative cover and would make great gifts for fellow knitters or quilters. Finished measurement of the Travel Sewing Kit, when open, is 9” x 15”, and the finished measurement of the Knitting Needle Caddy is 14“x 20”.

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livy-lou throw pattern by valori wells designs

VWD Livy-Lou Throw & Cushion Pattern
Throw - 50" x 72"
Cushion - 25" x 25" x 5"

The Livy-Lou Throw can be created in a modern look, as well as other themes such as eclectic, vintage, or contemporary. The large spaces are the perfect place to show off a favorite large-scale print. Instructions for a large square cushion are also included.

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lucy and logan stuffed cat and dog

Lucy & Logan Pattern
Large Animals: 25" tall
Small Animals: 13" tall

Lucy, the colorful cat, and Logan, the friendly dog, are best friends forever. Two different sizes are available in the pattern. Make them for your favorite little person, either boy or girl, from colorful, cozy flannel.

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Lul's Throw & Pillows by Valori Wells Designs

VWD Lulu's Throw
& Pillows Pattern

48" x 64"

Use a monochromatic theme print with solids to make this very fun and simple throw in an afternoon. Big stitch embroidery is an easy and personal decorative touch.
Four different styles of pillows are also included in this pattern. Each design uses a print and a solid fabric with decorative big stitch embroidery. There are cutting and fabric requirements for 12,” 14,” 16,” 18,” 24,” and 26” pillows.

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maddox quilt pattern by Valori wells designs

VWD Maddox Quilt Pattern
Large - 70" x 70"
Small - 50" x 50"

Maddox is an enlarged log cabin block, made into a lap size quilt. Pieced filler strips add interest to this simple design. The quilt can be enlarged by adding more fabric rounds and filler strips. Instructions for both sizes included.

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nested bags pattern



Nested Pattern
Small Bag is 6" x 8"
Medium Bag is 11" x 14"
Large Bag is 13" x 17"

Three sizes, three uses! The nested bag, with its modern, stylish shape is the perfect wrist clutch, everyday bag, and larger tote with an inside pocket. The small and medium bag both have zipper closures, but the large bag has a flap with a snap finish and a decorative button (optional). The straps can be decorated with trim
or ribbon.

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Download the "Nested" pattern correction page(PDF)



Phoebe Quilt Batter from Valori Wells Designs

VWD Phoebe Quilt Pattern
60" x 60"

“Phoebe” is a modern interpretation of a classic strip- pieced quilt seen in the late 1800’s. The cover quilt, Version I, is mostly solids with one theme print and showcases square-within-a-square piecing, where Version II is all prints, featuring
a large scale print in the center area.

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(Click here to see Version II)

prudence owl and henry elephant pattern

Prudence & Henry Pattern
Prudence the Owl: 20" tall
Henry the Elephant: 17" tall
Kids’ Nap Blankey: 41" x 58"

Prudence, a cuddly owl, doubles as a take-along pillow with a blankey tucked under her wings, for car trips or a visit to grandma's house. Henry, the elephant pillow, is Prudence's friend, and has a blankey of his own. The blankey is perfect for napping in the car or at home on a Saturday afternoon. Each is personalized in colorful, cozy flannel and can be made for a girl or boy.

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Rhythms Quilt Pattern - Valori Wells Designs

VWD Rhythms Quilt Pattern
64" x 64"

Radiating motion creates a rhythmic style in this classic quilt inspired by New York Beauty blocks. The 8" paper-pieced block is done with two fabrics, but when two or four blocks are put together, a secondary pattern is created. Choose a large-scale or theme print for the centers of the blocks, and let that print set the mood for the piecing strips. (We used a bold floral for the theme fabric, and yarn-dyed stripes alternating with a tea-dyed muslin for the radiating strips, to give this quilt a distinctive look.)

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rosalind quilt pattern by valori wells

VWD Rosalind Quilt Pattern
54 " x 70"

Rosalind is a contemporary interpretation of a classic design with the basic block being a rectangle rather than a square. Some of the rectangles are strip-pieced first, then cut into quarters and mixed into the design. The setting for the blocks is scatter style, rather than a traditional formal one. In the red quilt example, fabric A is the light background rose, and in the blue quilt it is the light medallion. Fabric B in the blue quilt is a dark stripe and in the red quilt it is a dark background rose print. The strip pieced blocks remain in the same position in both quilts.

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*Pattern Correction: For the strip piecing, you will need
1/4 yard
of Eight different fabrics for the strip piecing

Swirl Cushions Pattern

VWD Swirl Cushions Pattern

Swirl cushions are an adaptation of the traditional “Wheel of Fortune” quilt pattern. They are designed to use as few as two fabrics, or as many as sixteen, to create any style you desire. Simple curve construction and a “Yo-Yo” center make a playful statement that can accessorize any setting.
(Sizes range from approximately 12" to 36" in diameter.)

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The Zoey Throw Pattern by Valori Wells Designs

VWD The Zoey Throw Pattern
Adult - 48" x 65"
Baby - 32" x 40"

This throw is simple to make and easily styled in a variety of themes, for anyone wanting a quick project. Choose school colors, baby fabrics, a vintage floral, or cozy flannels to personalize your theme. Strip piecing is used to create a decorative touch in the sections between the theme fabrics. The throw is finished in the pillow-turn method, and there is a decorative pillow included for a great accessory. Instructions for both sizes are included in the pattern.

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